The Physics of Music and Nerdery


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Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal by Lele Pons

where is the lie

America Is Not For Black People »

There are reasons why white gun’s rights activists can walk into a Chipotle restaurant with assault rifles and be seen as gauche nuisances while unarmed black men are killed for reaching for their wallets or cell phones, or carrying children’s toys. Guns aren’t for black people, either.

10 facts about the SWATification of the US - Boing Boing »

  1. In 1980, there were approximately 3,000 SWAT raids in the United States. Now, there are more than 80,000 SWAT raids per year in this country.

  2. 79 percent of the time, SWAT teams are deployed to private homes.

  3. 50 percent of the victims of SWAT raids are either black or Latino.

  4. In 65 percent of SWAT deployments, “a battering ram, boot, or some sort of explosive device” is used to gain forced entry to a home.

  5. 62 percent of all SWAT raids involve a search for drugs.

  6. In at least 36 percent of all SWAT raids, “no contraband of any kind” is found by the police.

  7. In cases where it is suspected that there is a weapon in the home, police only find a weapon 35 percent of the time.

  8. More than 100 American families have their homes raided by SWAT teams every single day.

  9. Only 7 percent of all SWAT deployments are for “hostage, barricade or active-shooter scenarios”.

  10. Even small towns are getting SWAT teams now. 30 years ago, only 25.6 percent of communities with populations between 25,000 and 50,000 people had a SWAT team. Now, that number has increased to 80 percent.

The person who rents this apartment the rest of the year got back this week, and since I don’t leave until Saturday, we have some overlap. It is striking to notice how differently we approach energy and resource use, and just how people think or don’t think about these issues. I habitually use as few lights as possible, keep doors closed, and minimize my water use. Since he arrived, lights have been turned on that I didn’t even know existed.

I’m not upset about it, it’s just important to remember that not everyone thinks about these little lifestyle things, and it’s good to remind yourself of that.

The Startup That Lowers Your Energy Bills by Paying for Upgrades | Business | WIRED »

The top three uses of all that energy are lighting, heating, and cooling. Much of this is wasted on running air conditioning in empty rooms, or heating spaces with old windows and bad insulation. California’s Title 24 energy efficiency regulations, all new non-residential buildings and some remodeled buildings will be required to meet certain standards, and many states are following suit with similar laws. But this still leaves millions of older buildings squandering power heating empty conference rooms with drafty windows.